Working on the Railroad

Yes, women work on the railroad too. My conductor for a few days, Missie.  The railroad had an upset early August. Missie spent days away from home and her family to run trains. I’m not going to preach on how women can to this too. I will say, womanly women work on the railroad. Yes, we dress in jeans, hats, and work boots. When you get up at 3 am who wants to do hair and makeup? The important thing, talk to us… listen to us. We are moms and speak cleanly and kindly. If you want lunch box tips, we can give you some. If you need to manage a budget, we have tips for that too.

Bottom line, we work non-traditional jobs, keep our femininity, keep our homes running smooth while we are away for days at a time. And we are proud to say we are railroaders.

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