October 9, 2017

The final push and 23 miles downhill.

Starting the day off with an energetic breakfast, I had a rainy ride to Meyersdale, PA. 20 miles to the top and an easy ride down. Around the 10 mile mark I see the Salisbury Viaduct. What an amazing view even in the rain. More amazing, Western Maryland Railroad trains crossed the bridge many times traveling from Maryland to Pennsylvania. Maybe I do have a touch of rail fan in me.

Two more miles east I stopped in Meyersdale, PA for lunch and a visit to the gift shop. The rain has stopped, eight more miles to the Divide. During my regular travels, the Divide is four miles and great elevation increase. On the GAP side I had eight more miles, with the last four had the increase. It kicked my butt. I had time to waste, so I walked a mile from Deal to the Divide. Seeing this tunnel was an another emotional moment. I made it to the top, 2392ft above sea level on my bike.

Next sight, 3,300 ft Big Savage tunnel. Last time I visited the lights were not on and I was unable to go through. I did not carry a light at the time. I think the temperature increased 10 degrees on the eastern side too. The view was incredible, rolling hills and windmills.

The train wasn’t leaving Cumberland, MD until 7:24pm, so I took my time down the hill. Stopping at the Mason Dixon line, Borden, and Brush tunnels. I think I heard ghost trains behind me. Although I have rode this side of the mountain often, taking pictures was a priority. This time I had time to enjoy the sights.

Around 3pm I arrived in Cumberland, MD at the Western Maryland Railroad station. Another sight I am familiar with but this time it had more meaning; the end of a three day 150 mile bike ride. Crap, I DID IT! So, I celebrated with an ice cream cone at The Creamery. It tasted soooo good.

Other than my husband meeting me the first night, I did the ride alone. Staying in the B&B’s limited the gear I had to carry too. I had homemade energy bars (past blog) for food, stopping every two hours to have one (roughly 150 calories each). The hydration bladder back pack had two side pockets for water bottles, along with the center post bottle holder.

Those who say they can’t, never tried.

Blessed Be

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