October 8, 2017

After a good nights rest and yummy breakfast. My husband gave me a 17 mile and 300 foot elevation head start. We stayed in Connellsville, PA and wanted to enjoy more time together and the scenery. This part of the trip began in Ohiopyle, PA. In the past I rode this 17 mile section, following the Youghiogheny River. From Connellsvile east to the Continental Divide is a 1500 foot climb spread over 60 miles.

The 17 miles between Connellsville and Ohiopyle is beautiful. Mostly shaded offering a cooler summer ride. This section, the ride is remote without services. The laurel on the hillside is thick, and the river side offers a scenic view for a break. At times trains can be seen on the other side of the river. About 13 miles east of Ohiopyle is a clearing with an amazing view of the river below. Entering Ohiopyle is a bridge crossing the river, offering another photo opportunity.

The clouds stayed around all day without rain. However, the day was humid and about 72 degrees. Arriving in Confluence, PA, I stopped for a backpack lunch and another photo opp. Here, the Cassellman and Yough River meet. Confluence is rich with history of George Washington. This section was an emotional section, especially when I arrived at Pinkerton. The picture is Pinkerton tunnel.

CSX daylighted the railroad in 2012, removing Shoo Fly, Pinkerton, and Benford tunnels. The left of the picture shows the opening to remove the tunnel. I was always amazed traveling through the tunnel at what it took to build before times of today’s technology. The tunnel over the bridge was rebuilt and opened in 2015 for GAP trial traffic. Before the tunnel was rehabed, trail traffic followed a short mile bypass around Pinkerton horn.

The tunnel is longer than I thought, and recommend a head lamp.

After I settled my emotions, I continued the journey to Rockwood, PA. In Rockwood I stayed at The Gingerbread House Bed & Breakfast. The room was nice with a private bath, without air conditioning. The Mills Shoppe has delicious pizza for a reasonable price. In the morning the hostess made delightful blueberry french toast casserole with an amazing homemade breakfast sausage. Because of the air conditioning, I would not stay here again during time of warm temperatures. Everything else was wonderful.

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