Weight Loss Self Care Arsenal

Please consult a medical professional and fitness coach before beginning your weight loss journey.

During my career I have spend nights away from home and long hours on the train. Along the way I learned how to make it with little cash and lack of refrigeration. Weight loss was not my intended goal, but I did drop pounds.

Taking the proper steps to weight loss or strength training is an excellent  investment for personal care. Building up your self care arsenal is the hard part. However, building this arsenal can help through the tough parts, and there will be rough patches. Changing your nutritional intake will go a long way toward your success.

Consider these tips;

  • pack health snacks
    • small piece of dark chocolate
    • nuts
    • fresh fruit is preferred but may smash in your bag.
      • try apple sauce or two pieces of dried fruit
    • split the serving of nuts, half the the fruit-half with the dark chocolate for two separate snacks
    • veggies
    • hard boiled egg
  • ask for salad dressing on the side
    • dip fork in dressing and then fill the fork with salad
  • when dining out, set aside a portion of your meal for later
    • I did this when I was low on cash and working away from home. This way I had two meals instead of one.

During most layovers I had access to a gym. If there was not a gym, I could always walk around. Hours spend in New York City, Washington DC, Syracuse, NY and Toledo, OH were not wasteful. I found malls, parks, and the city streets great places to walk. Start slow, but do not spend your layover in the hotel or crew room. Get out experience the area.

Include these tips with your journal to track your success.

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