Why Do You Want to Lose Weight?

To my loyal followers, sorry I have not wrote sooner.

These are my thoughts. Please seek a medical professional and fitness expert for your best weight loss plan.

My employer is beginning an eight week challenge for weight loss and weight maintaining. I have joined the weight loss challenge and am inviting my co-workers to follow my blog for deeper details of my journey. Along the way, I have had different fitness goals. None were related to weight loss because, I believe, our bodies find their maintainable weight. Training for a marathon was long, and my goal was to finish the run. Accomplished! I did loose about 10lbs, but gained mental and muscular strength. This, brings fourth a question,

Why do you want to loose weight?

  • health reasons
  • vacation
  • personal reasons
  • do you have unreachable fitness goals because of extra weight
    • walk or run a 5k
    • hike Half Dome
    • run the 7 mile bridge
    • bike from Pittsburgh to DC
    • white water raft New River

What are reasonable goals?

  • loosing 5lbs
  • making better meal choices
  • walking upstairs without getting winded
  • bending over to tie shoes

Now, reward yourself when you reach those goals. You earned it!

  • new sneakers
  • a book you always wanted
  • makeup
  • new clothes

Get yourself a notebook, honestly answer these questions, set and record goals, and make your reward list. Every 400-500 miles I get a new pair of Brooks Ghost, and then do the happy dance. Take a picture to paste in the notebook. Update the picture often and reward yourself for reaching your goals.

I invite comments and group discussion.



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